Caracolillo Gourmet Whole Bean - 16oz


The caracolillo is a fascinating curiosity within the arabic species, the most popular in the Caribbean and Latin America. It is not a variety of shrub but a different grain, special and that for many years was thought to be defective. The grain of coffee, although in our mind we always visualize it as a single grain, are two grain halves within the same "cherry" of the tree and each has a flat part that joins them inside the fruit. The snail develops at the ends of the branches of the plant or in the very high part of this at the tips. Because of its location, it does not achieve the necessary capacity for its normal growth and therefore a single more uniform grain is formed. The caracolillo is a grain highly appreciated for being a mature palate, much more intense, concentrated in flavor and loading more acidity to be a coffee that receives more light and water from the rain. Even in the process of roasting the grain, it favors its shape as it achieves a more uniform roasting in the process. This grain is not very common and comes out in less than a 10% probability so it is more careful in the process of grain selection and handling. It is therefore more expensive, even if it is from the same plant and region. Let's say that they are the "special children" of this tree that so much pleasure brings in our lives.

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